Leading finance company in sri lanka

Leading finance company in Sri Lanka

1. Background

Commercial Leasing Company Plc is a taking finance company in Sri Lanka which was established in 1988. Their nucleus concerns are imparting money under Hire Purchases and Leasing act, roll uping money as a Fixed Deposits and Factoring. Company has 16 chief brunches in chief metropoliss and over 10 window brunches in out side of the chief towns which started late to provide to the urban countries. Business introducers are the one of chief concern beginnings they have, and staff encourages built a stopping point relationship with them as a concern publicity scheme.

Due to decrease of involvement rate by the Central Bank, Company confronting to high competition when they move in to the market. To run into the high competition and to research the new market portion company hopes to present new branding scheme to the organisation. Before presenting a stigmatization scheme Commercial Leasing wants to analyze consciousness and attitudes towards their current corporate image and repute among members of their mark market.

Commercial Leasing direction was invited to Zigma Research Company to make a research proposal in order to present their stigmatization scheme. The undermentioned research proposal was prepared in harmonizing to research brief which was submitted to us.

2. Aim

To analyze attitudes and consciousness about commercial leasing corporate image and repute, with the purpose of introduce the new stigmatization scheme,

We have set up the under mentioned aims which will consequence to accomplish the chief aim

  1. To acknowledge the consciousness degree of the Commercial Leasing trade name.
  2. To place where the Commercial Leasing trade name name stands at and how it better further.
  3. To analyze the promotional scheme of the Commercial Leasing.
  4. To analyze the consciousness and attitudes of the clients, about the company ‘s corporate image by analysing rival corporate image.

1. To acknowledge the consciousness degree of the Commercial Leasing trade name.

1.1 To research the degree of cognition about the current corporate image of the mark market

1.2 What is the degree of cognition about competitory clients, about there trade name names?

1.3 What would people believe about when looking Commercial Leasing logo?

1.4 What would Business Introducers think about Commercial Leasing?

2. To place where the Commercial Leasing trade name name stands at and how it better further.

2.1 What are the service criterions presently use to provide to the clients and do clients fulfill abut the criterions?

2.2 Explore the nucleus value of the organisation has and what are target audiences expect from the company.

2.3 Where the corporate image of the company should better in harmonizing to targeted audience head.

3. To analyze the promotional scheme of the Commercial Leasing.

3.1 Did advertisement methods get decently communicated to the targeted crowd?

3.2 Do the joint runs straight impact to the promotional activities and can accomplish the possible market.

3.3 Do Commercial Leasing stakeholders know about their value added services and how it will acquire effected to accomplish the concluding aim.

3.4 Do aim regulation acquire decently cognizant about the public assistance activities company ‘s done.

3.5 What are the countries to be improved and how should it pass on to the mark market about public assistance activities.

4. To analyze the consciousness and attitudes of the clients, about the company ‘s corporate image by analysing rival cooperate image.

4.1 How do they offer the merchandise and its effectivity to the Commercial Leasing?

4.2 How do commercial Leasing rivals communicate there corporate image to the mark market

4.3 To research the chances which will commercial leasing can spread out their concern in the characteristic.

4.4 On benchmarking them how Commercial Leasing can better their service criterions.


Secondary informations would be potentially utile to fix this research proposal, but that was collected for a different intents. It is besides known as a Desk Research because of those informations could be collected without any field work, by old research studies, reexamining books, cyberspace etc. Roll uping this information likely cheaper and quicker to pull out.

Secondary informations helps to clear up research demand better. It allows more insightful of precedence informations and Provides comparative informations. Equally good as it provides information that can non be peculiarly obtain through primary research and it can supply or steer way for primary work. But before utilizing secondary informations have to see, who published the survey, what is the intent of informations aggregation, when was the information gathered, how gathered and independence of the informations.

From this survey we intend to analyse ;

  • What is the satisfaction degree of the clients and how it better further.
  • To place and better service criterions.
  • Effectiveness about the past and present promotional runs and its impact gross revenues volume.
  • Analyze the concern growing.
  • Identify the interdepartmental struggles.

3.1. Procedure

3..1.1. Internal Secondary Data

We have an purpose of holding treatment with commercial Renting selling section to research the yesteryear and per centum selling activities of the organisation and analyze company ‘s gross revenues figure studies with them. Equally good every bit have to discourse with the recoveries staff to analyze how to better the Fitch evaluation graduated table and other service criterions by analysing monthly aggregation agenda. Customer complains records will besides assist to analyse the satisfaction degree of the client base. By examine past promotional runs studies we can acquire some thought abut it ‘s effectivity to the gross revenues volume, did joint runs get effected to selling section, every bit good as did company ‘s chief introducer beginnings got actively involved to the runs.

We kindly request from the direction of Commercial Leasing allow a permission to entree to the undermentioned paperss and questioning the personals.

  • Monthly concern volume records.
  • Customer complains records.
  • Past promotional run studies.
  • Customer informations base.
  • Annual studies and twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operational informations.
  • Previous marketing research studies.
  • Interview Marketing Department personals.
  • Interview Recoveries Department personals.

3.1.1. External Secondary Data.

Secondary informations which was already collected and which can happen external beginnings are traveling to be analyze in this subdivision. Following beginnings of informations intend to be analysing ;

  • Government Reports
  • Reports from Chamber of Commerce.
  • Trade Associations
  • Magazines and Newspapers.
  • Fiscal studies Published by Stock Market.
  • Online hunt engines.

In this session we discussed about the informations already had with us and it will gives a clear image about past and present activities and it ‘s impact to the organisation. Equally good as it will bespeak strength and failings of the organisation and where the countries to be improved.

But those informations non collected to analyze our current intent. So those informations ‘s may be out dated, non relevant or non accurate for our survey. So when determination doing have to be careful if based merely on secondary informations.


n this session we are traveling to roll up the information based on the research survey. Unlike secondary informations this information has direct impact to our chief aim. If descriptive information is needed, so a quantitative survey is likely to be taken. If intent of new thoughts so a qualitative survey may be in order.

4.1 Qualitative research.

Qualitative research chief intent is to understand client behaviour and perceptual experience instead than to mensurate them. From qualitative research we can roll up informations which can non garner through the quantitative informations.

From this survey we intend to analyze ;

  • What are the service criterion required from the corporate.
  • What is the degree of cognition about our corporate image.
  • How to better our corporate image by bench taging rivals.
  • What is the effectivity of our promotional schemes
  • Do clients fulfill with our after gross revenues services?
  • How do rivals pass on their corporate image?

4.1.1. Methodology.

To garner qualitative research information we are traveling to carry on the Depth Interview session and Focus Group survey with a selected mark audience. Focus Group Study.

This is a group interview where moderator will ease a treatment among the 6-12 pre recruited respondents. It will take 1-2 hours treatment depending on the subject we traveling to discussed. All the respondents should be similar with in the group and convenient friendly topographic point should be selected for treatment such as conference room of the organisation or selected hall which convenient to participant.

In focal point group study traveling to keep with participants of Existing clients, Competitors clients, and Potential clients.

Current Renting Facilities Holders.

Existing clients of Commercial Leasing, Existing clients of Peoples Leasing, Existing clients of LOLC, age bound 30-50 old ages, socio economic class – A2, B1, Male & A ; Female

Potential clients.

Who are anticipating to purchase a vehicle through renting installation, with in a 2 months period, Monthly income base over Rs.50000/- , Social economic class A, B1, Age limit 30-50 old ages, Male & A ; Female

4.2.Quantitative Research.

Descriptive informations besides known as a numerical information is really utile for our survey. We can garner information which ca n’t be collected from the qualitative research. To roll up a descriptive information we should carry on quantitative research.

To roll up quantitative informations we propose to carry on a Questionnaire for bing and possible clients. There are 3 ways to reach clients ;

  • Mail, cyberspace and facsimile studies,
  • Telephone studies
  • Personal interview

But in this subdivision we are traveling to choose Mailing method to reach clients because of that is easy to carry on the survey and low dearly-won.

Sample selected in the country of which Commercial leasing brunch web is spread since we hope to present some gifts such as umbrella & A ; caps to the client who are finishing the questionnaire and return in to nearest subdivision. This will assist to increase the answering degree.

To heighten the analysis and categorization of the respondents we are traveling include the questionnaire substantial inquiries that are relevant to the intent of the survey and pertinent inquiries.


In this subdivision our purpose is to happen out ;

  • How many of clients satisfy about our service criterions.
  • How many of entire population aware about our trade name name.
  • What is the effectiveness degree of commercial renting promotional methods.
  • How long it will take to work out client complains.

Sample choice for the quantitative research.

In this subdivision we intend to choose most suited sample to our survey for analysing quantitative informations. In this subdivision we intend to analyze different country in comparison to the qualitative research since we can analyze wider & amp ; different geographical country to do successful survey.

4.2.2. Method

We intend to analyze entire figure of 75 respondents with representation of Negambo, Kurunagala & A ; Anuradapura territory with equal engagement of CLC, LOLC, & A ; PLC male and female as Existing Customers to roll up more accurate information to the survey.

Entire figure of 75 respondents to be analysis in same geographical country male & A ; female as possible clients to analyze there purpose abut the organisation.

Entire figure of 75 respondents to be analysis with representation of Negambo, Kurunagala & A ; Anuradapura territory with equal engagement of CLC, LOLC, & A ; PLC male and female as a laps or yesteryear clients

LOLC & A ; PLC are the cardinal rivals to CLC. That ‘s why we intend to analysis that companies to acquire an thought about the companies.

Current Renting Facilities Holders.

Existing clients of Commercial Leasing, Existing clients of Peoples Leasing, Existing clients of LOLC, age bound 30-50 old ages, socio economic class – A2, B1, Male & A ; Female

Potential clients.

Who are anticipating to purchase a vehicle through renting installation, with in a 2 months period, Monthly income base over Rs.50000/- , Social economic class A, B1, Age limit 30-50 old ages, Male & A ; Female

5. Coverage.

After finishing research activities we would wish to hold a Discussion Session with the engagement of Commercial Leasing Top Management every bit good as the Marketing Manager, Manager Brunches, Manager Legal & A ; Recoveries, AGM Accounts, and Brunch Managers.

In this session we would wish to explicate about the cardinal aims of the research and accomplishment of the research survey. Besides this session will be the concluding checking session to analyze did research survey meet the factors and information which Commercial Leasing direction expected?


Study traveling to be started on first hebdomad of January 2010 and clip graduated table for the survey shown holla.


Zigama Research Company is the taking research company in Sri Lanka which was established in 1990. Over 1000s of clients are facilitate under Zigma research and taking trade name names are among them. They have latest engineering to function their clients to better their truth and velocity. Company has over 300 peoples as a employees and they are good qualified and carry oning regular preparation Sessionss to upgrade their criterion.

Company carried out under regulations and ordinances of the local authorities and carry oning the service criterions of ISO 9001 & A ; SLS.

Dr. Krishan Thilakarathne is a Pull offing Director of the company and has over 23 old ages of experience in this field and he engages with Zigma Research since the beginning of the company. He guided this company since its beginning to do the company selling oriented and more client oriented company.

Mrs.Shiranthi Samarawickrama is a Senior Research Executive of the company and has over 12 old ages experience about the field. She is a alumnus of concern direction, has been conducted most celebrated companies ‘ research undertakings and managing over 500 corporate clients herself.

Senior Research Executive,

Zigama Research Company,

Bauddalaoka Mawataha,

Colombo 04.

Tel. +094114526526


Commercial Renting Company Ltd.

Questionnaire Surveyor Form

We would extremely appreciated for give your valuable clip to shear you positions and thoughts with us through make fulling this questionnaire. This is a questionnaire which is behavior by the Commercial Leasing official research bureau, to happen out the consciousness degree and analyze the attitudes towards the current corporate image through our valuable clients. You will be gifted after finishing this questionnaire by your nearest Commercial Leasing brunch and this information will non utilize for any other intents. Your questionnaire should subject your nearest brunch on or before 05th of March 2010 and all your informations will be considered as a confidentially.

01. What is your age group

20 to 30 old ages

31 to 40 old ages

41 to 50 old ages

51 to 60 old ages

02. Your matrimonial position

* Single

* Married

* Divorced

* Widowed

03. Your Occupation.

04. What is your contact inside informations.

Email reference — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Telephone Res. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Mob. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Office. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

05. Your Annual Income

Less than Rs.150000/-

Rs.150000/- to Rs.200000/-

Rs.200000 to Rs.250000

Rs.250000/- to Rs.300000/-

Rs.300000/- or over

06. What is the often use newspaper.

07. What ‘s your celebrated Television channel?

08. Have you bought a vehicle under renting installation with in three twelvemonth. If YES please reference the Leasing or finance company.


09. Are you satisfied with our services? YES. NO.

If YES go to figure 10

If NO spell to figure 11

10. Please tag your satisfaction degree.

Good Very good Excellent

11. Please reference what the countries to be improved. You can choose one or more countries.

After gross revenues service

Collection systems

Speed of our service

Customer service of the staff

12. What is the most celebrated trade name name in harmonizing to your head?






13. Would you like to urge commercial leasing who of all time ask from you for a leasing installation?


14. Please reference below infinite one chief factor what commercial Leasing does n’t hold and other leasing & A ; finance company ‘s have.

Thank you really much to finishing this questionnaire.


These guidelines will assist the field material to carry on the above questionnaire smoothly and easy. That is recommended the field staff who engages to carry on the study, should be concern to increase the figure of respondents rate to carry through the aims of carry oning questionnaire study.

Choice the respondents for the survey

Participants selected based on the three chief metropoliss and sing of Potential, Existing and Laps or Past clients.

*.Total figure of 450 respondents traveling to be study by utilizing Multi phase trying method

*.Three geographical countries traveling to be study

  • Negambo
  • Kurunagala
  • Anuradapura

* . 70 % of the entire sample should be males and 30 % of the entire sample should be females. ( Percentage decided After analysing the client database of commercial leasing )

* . To this survey we intend to take part rival ‘s clients every bit good to analysis the per centum of the rivals has.

* . Potential clients besides to be analysis to acquire their positions about the corporate.

* . Laps and Past clients besides traveling to be analysis with an equal per centum of bing & A ; possible clients to place the grounds to lose.

* . Through this questionnaire we hope to analysis quantitatively measured information ‘s under 3 chief classs.

  • Existing Customers
  • Potential Customers
  • Laps & A ; Past Customers

* . Existing clients who are basking our services will state you what sort of trial that they are experiencing right now.

* . Potential clients who are anticipating to fall in with us will state you the experiencing about the corporate that they have.

* . Laps & A ; Past clients will learn you what are the countries to be better and how of import client relationships are.

* . Upgraded information to the informations base can be collected through this questionnaire.

* . Marketing section can increase their gross revenues volumes by promoting that are welling to present client to the company.

* Survey Administration and response maximization

The questionnaire will be send to respondents on 20th of February 2010 and by station to respondent ‘s convenient reference which was confirm before by the respondents. The dead line to retuning the questionnaire is 05th March 2010 to the nearest brunch they have. We provide an envelops with cast to post the questionnaire those who can non come to the brunch. Their gifts will be handed over by marketing personal of Commercial Leasing.

* . To the questionnaire we hope to attach a interlingual rendition paper in 3 chief linguistic communications to increase the understanding degree of the questionnaire.

* . The reminder calls to the respondents on 1st of March 2010 from the nearest brunch of Commercial Leasing.

* . The paper should attach to the questionnaire with adverting close Brunchs and sub offices Telephone Numberss, Email addresses, Names and Mobile Numberss who are appointed to roll uping the questionnaire, to let the respondent who need assistant what of all time sing to the questionnaire.

* To increase the respondent ‘s per centum attachment missive can be sent with the questionnaire adverting the gifts they can obtain.

* Maximization of Accuracy in Questioner

* . To increase the truth of the aid appointed personal should be educated before questionnaire range to the respondent.

* . When naming the adjunct give precedence to female helper because of course they are good hearers.

With the questionnaire attachment missive should be sent with adverting the information collected to analyze the consciousness and attitudes towards the current corporate image of the commercial leasing and information obtain from the respondents will be considered as a confidential information.

* Respondent Awareness of Professional Code of behavior issues

We hope to inform to the respondent about the codification of behavior to make this questionnaire and it protected under Data Protection Act in 1998.



As a finance company commercial leasing has large rivals in turning finance market with high competition. To last in this disputing market corporate does so many activities and schemes. Organizations must understand their consumer ‘s demands and wants and should expect their demands. For that analyzing of clients and roll uping informations will be more helpful.

As finance company Commercial Leasing besides confronting the high competition and rivals when life in the market. To run into those rivals commercial renting traveling to present the new stigmatization scheme and before the introduced it they want examine their client attitudes and consciousness about the corporate image.

For this intent we recommended to carry on a Panel Research to analyze the aims.

A panel research is who has involvement to take part for a research and like to subject informations for a specify company. They may be a persons, or house holders. For this we hope to enroll possible and bing clients every bit good for better consequences. Participants will be gifted at the terminal of the study and it can be use as a stimulating method.

Since the depressions and privateness issues this is non an easy undertaking fro research workers. But when managing this sort of research must be really careful and must hold good experience about the research.

After enrolling respondents should be analysis regular clip method and must be inform that to the respondents. Since this is the long clip process jobs may be occur when carry oning the research.

When decently recruited panel will give you valuable information to the organisation and it will assist you to run into the rivals easy. When determination doing have to be careful since the consumers behaviours and attitudes are different clip to clip and topographic point to topographic point.

To acquire the maximal consequences form the panel research have to considered several facts.

* Do responder hold experience abut the panel research can he understand the research aims.

* Can he describe informations specified timing and is he has adequate clip to make that.

* Is he has communicating installations and is he a good communicator.

We recommended this panel research to obtain valid information to accomplish the set aims. We believe that from this panel research information will assist you to accomplish the selling ends and to implement the schemes that you are traveling to implement.


We kindly request your blessing to carry on the Panel Research and the undertaking to accomplish the chief aims of the research briefing session we had with you in earlier.